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Founded in 1968, STH developed, among other products, a fiber optic probe colorimeter for use in the visible and near infra red range.

Brinkmann Instruments, has successfully performed the marketing and sales of this probe colorimeter on a world wide basis for over thirty years. Since Brinkmann represents Metrohm in the U.S. and Canada, they realized the advantage of the probe colorimeter when performing titrations. STH gave Brinkmann a world wide exclusive license for the promotion of the probe colorimeter and STH has manufactured all peripherals and the colorimeter with the Brinkmann name on the case.
In 2008 Brinkman Instruments and Metrohm-Peak joined forces to unite Metrohm's titration and electrochemistry divisions with its ion chromatography division in North America. From it, Metrohm USA was organized with a stronger commitment to supporting analytical testing labs across the continent. Because of this strong presence in the wet chemistry testing market, Metrohm USA is now the sole global agent of the Brinkmann Probe Colorimeter.

Over the years, thousands of colorimeters have been sold worldwide. Now, STH has responded to customers’ desire for an instrument that is smaller, performs additional tasks, and is lower in cost than previous instruments. The new PC 950 is the latest embodiment of this general purpose laboratory and industrial instrument.

About Metrohm
In 2008, Metrohm USA acquired all Brinkmann assets and is now the exclusive global agent for the Brinkmann Probe Colorimeter and all of its peripherals.

For more details about the PC 950 Probe Colorimeter, click here.

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